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Tara Thomason 

-Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


HI!! Im Tara. I am a founding

member and co-owner of PMB

and a cosmetic tattoo artist of

10 years. 

I believe I have evolved into

the artist I am today because

of my hunger and passion for continued education, personal growth, and education for others. I strive to provide the highest level of service for every student and guest.. caring for them with the best products, highest safety standards, and most ethical practices available. I feel THAT is what sets me apart. 


My objective is to raise self confidence, allow for a more active lifestyle, and save valuable time for each guest I care for. I strive to help the public understand and realize the positive impact of quality permanent makeup and that of quality permanent makeup training.

I am a member of the nationally recognized organizations: The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. (SPCP and CPCP), the American Academy of Micropigmentation ( AAM) and the American Academy of Medical Microneedling (AAMM). Because safety is a priority in my practice, blood borne pathogen training and certification is maintained annually, and following osha guidelines for tattooing is standard at PMB. I believe in doing the right thing, BECAUSE its the right thing to do. 

When not creating brows, You can find me running around town caring for my two busy Boise salon's {{@beaumondespa}}, and creating memories with my sweet family. I have two crazy-scheduled kids... a busy "Dance Mom " and "Sports Mom". So as a busy business owner, a wife, and a mom, theres always something to fill my spare time! Good thing I thrive on controlled chaos! 

View my work at

Tara Thomason.png

Gina Stanberry

-Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


-Licensed Esthetician

Im Gina Stanberry,

thanks for stopping by! 

My career in the beauty

industry began in the late

seventies, originally going

through cosmetology

school in California, and

continuing on with my

licensure as a Nail Technician and Esthetician here in Idaho.

I've had a career-long longing for education {{both teaching and taking}} and a deep passion for helping others grow and feel confident about themselves. This is what ultimately led me to the opening of my own salon and spa with my daughter - Beau Monde Spa in 2012, which now has two busy locations. 


In 2013, I expanded my career once again and became a Certified Permanent Make Up Artist and PMB was born. Permanent Cosmetics is an always-changing, always-growing industry that provides new and exciting learning opportunities constantly, and feeds that hunger for education and growth I have always had in my heart.

I hold certification in Bloodborne Pathogens, follows the OSHA safety guidelines and is a member of the nationally recognized organizations: The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. (SPCP), the American Academy of Microigmentation ( AAM) and the American Academy of Medical Microneedling (AAMM).

Outside of the studio, I spends lots of time exploring Idaho with my husband Gerard and taking long weekend trips to my cabin in the mountains with our two poodle-pups Mia Maria and King Louie. 

View my work at

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